AMSEC is recommended by The Cothron’s Security Safe Team.

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Each one of our four locations has a safe showroom and safe specialists on site to to help you make an educated decision on choosing a safe that is right for you. Whether you need a burglary, gun, fire resistant, or a cash safe we can help you find the perfect safe to protect what matters most to you. You can’t always prevent unfortunate circumstances, but we’re here to help prepare you for them.

For years we have been in the business of buying, repairing and selling safes including: Liberty Safes, AMSEC, Hollon, Browning, and Gardall safes. After the Bastrop fires devastated so many homes, we found the only thing still standing in what was left of the home was a safe. We offered a free service to open them and in many cases were able to save people’s most valued possessions. We had the best luck with AMSEC fire rated safes and chose them as one of our few carefully selected safes to stock. If you are in the market, we guarantee to find a safe that fits your exact needs and at a great price.

Series Imported Fire Safes

Economical – trusted fire protection

  • U.L. certified 60 minute fire protection
  • Bounce resistant E-Lock with illuminated keypad
  • Compact size to fit in small places

CSC Series Composite Safes

Due to our bulk purchasing ability, we are able to sell storefronts & glass at a reduced rate giving you the ability to purchase & install it yourself to cut labor cost and increase your profitability. We can also provide you with a turn-key price.

EST Electronic Safes

Small, light and secure

  • 14ga. Solid steel construction
  • E-lock with large touch screen keypad
  • Great for home, office or RV

Gun Safes

PS Series Gun Safe

Pistol Safes

Gun Safe