Electronic Security

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Electronic Security can best be defined as any means other than mechanical access (keys) to deny unauthorized persons access to specific areas of facilities, or access to information. Electronic Security encompasses Access Control Systems, Burglar and Fire Alarms, as well as Video Surveillance Systems.

Call Cothron today and have a specialist help you determine the best electronic system to fit your needs.

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Alarm Systems


Each year Cothron’s companies provide thousands of customers with unrivaled service and quality security solutions. Our client base includes thousands of satisfied customers throughout the central Texas area.

Cothron’s companies dedicate significant time and money into research & development, assuring you will not miss out on the latest technologies that increase the value and effectiveness of your security solution. This includes solutions that use less wiring, faster installation, WiFi, GSM, and IP communications! Everything we offer is tailored to fit the specific environment. We will never sell you a security solution that does not fit your unique needs.

We carry a huge array of devices, including:

• Motion Detectors
• Door Contacts
• Keyfobs
• Glassbreak Detectors
• Carbon Monoxide Detectors
• Temperature Sensors
• And More!

We can install small basic Alarm systems all the way up to complete home automation systems that connect to many features throughout your house for a total connected experience. Check our Home automation section for more information.

Access Control

Access control is the most efficient and convenient way of securing your pool by giving access to only those allowed access. Key Fobs put control into the owners hands with the ability to program and deprogram Fobs with an in-office computer.

Cothron specializes in access control for businesses of all sizes. From alarm systems to Push-Button entry, we have a solution to fit your unique needs.

  • Protect your facility from unwanted solicitation or visitors.
  • Traceable movement of your employees throughout your facilities.
  • Centralized systems for multi-branch offices.

A managed access system allows administrators to control their system with a client/server configuration. This allows for immediate access and control of critical events. These systems also support more advanced features such as: SMART cards, biometrics, video integrations, and fast reporting.

Access Control/ Time Attendence
  • IP based distributed access control
  • Full-featured time attendance control
  • High performance Suprema algorithm
  • Multiple sensor and RF card options
  • Sleek & stylish design

Key Fobs / Access Cards
  • Key Fobs can be ordered in quantities of 10
  • Access cards can be ordered in quantities of 25.

Stand Alone Systems
  • Use pin or prox card
  • Fingertip or optional PC programming
  • Allow key override
  • 2+ year battery life is typical